Badbeat Jackpots, Win BIG even when you loose!

What are Badbeat Jackpots, and how do you win BIG?
Some sites offer a 'Badbeat Jackpot' which can only be won from special Badbeat Jackpot cash tables, not all of the cash tables will be badbeat tables.
When players play at these special cash tables, an extra rake is taken from the pot to fund the Jackpot Prizepool (usually a max of 50c per qualifying hand).

How to win the Badbeat Jackpot?
Generally to hit the Jackpot you will need to loose a hand with quad 8's or better, and use both hole cards in your loosing hand.
Some sites will also require the hand that beats you to use both hole cards in their winning hand.

Win your slice of the Badbeat Jackpot just for playing at the table!
If you were delt into the hand where a Badbeat Jackpot is hit by two other players, not yourself dont worry as anybody who was on the table and was delt into the hand (not sitting out), will receive a share of the Badbeat Jackpot which can be in the $1,000's.

What is the largest Badbeat Jackpot that has been paid?
Aced Poker / Carbon Poker is currently the largest paid Badbeat Jackpot, and a cool $1.2 million dollars was paid out on April 14, 2009. Checkout the Badbeat Jackpot Video.

What sites have Badbeat Jackpots?
Unfourtunatley not all sites offer Badbeat Jackpots, but here is a list poker sites that have Badbeat Jackpots (and minimum qualifying hand):
When playing at on a Badbeat Jackpot table please check with sites terms and conditions as the qualifiying requirements are slightly different for each site, and may change. For instance the minimum hand, the use of both hole cards or one hole card, minimum players that must be delt into the hand, differ on diferent sites.