Beat The Brunson 10 (Mondays at 9pm ET)

Beat The Brunson 10 (Mondays at 9pm ET)

The Brunson 10 are about to become the most wanted poker players in the world.

You'll want to load up on Texas Hold'em bullets for this one. Beat The Brunson 10 is a bounty tournament unlike anything you've ever seen before.

Special bounty guests. You won't only be hunting them and every other player in the tournament, they will also be hunting you! Knock out one of our pros and get $500 plus get $10 for every other single player you eliminate from the game.

Everyone’s A Target-

The tournament costs $10+10+2 to enter. The first $10 will go to the prize pool and the other $10 will make you a marked man, just like everyone else in the tournament. For every player you pick off, you'll win $10. Pick off five players, that's $50. Ten players get you $100. And so on.

Pick Off a Pro-

Think you can take out one of pros? Do it and you bag yourself $500 For every member of The Brunson 10 you knock out of the tournament.

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